COVID19 virus promotion service

WiseTREND offers FREE document automation, form processing, and data analytics services to first responders to COVID19. Fast and reliable access to information and data analysis is more crucial now than ever before amidst Novel Coronavirus of 2020.


Advanced document processing solutions and services FREE

WiseTrend, experts in data capture and document solutions powered by ABBYY Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies, today make their intelligent advanced document processing solutions and services FREE to first responders, government organizations and select private companies. 

Make your organization and its data more efficient than ever before in this Coronavirus outbreak with WiseTREND’s advanced document automation and processing for FREE. If you’re an educator (K-12 schools), health-care provider, non-profit, or government organization working hard to combat this outbreak, tell us about yourself and we’ll get you setup with automated processing, data collection and data analysis. Free!

WiseTREND Advanced OCR & Data Capture, Inc. provides automated and human-assisted document and form processing solutions and services powered by cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence (API), machine learning, machine training, process intelligence and digital transformation, powered by the greatest ABBYY™ technologies. Our operations are HIPAA and SOC-2 certified to provide distributed around-the-world services in multiple languages even during the most critical times.


PROBLEM: Information literally remains locked in a drawer or on someone’s desk along with other paper documents. Digitizing files from paper is critical to make information accessible and convert content into actionable digital intelligence.

SOLUTION: We provide guidance and tools for scanning with a variety of available existing devices, including copiers, mobile phones, fax machines, and conventional scanners.


PROBLEM: Handwritten and machine-printed data on paper and within scanned files, faxed, and PDFs is are locked and inaccessible for proper use and analysis. Each day, thousands of CDC forms, patient assessments, case reports and surveys are created but most do not become part of an electronic data repository, thus making them inaccessible and very limited in purpose.

SOLUTION: Extract information quickly and efficiently. Create structured and useful databases for proper access and analysis.


PROBLEM: Data in scanned and faxed documents is are image-only, unavailable to searching and retrieval. It’s still better than paper, because paper forms can get lost in someone’s pile among a crisis where there isand lack of time andor attention, or get accidentally miss-filed into wrong or in-between folders.

SOLUTION: Convert all image-based documents in any of 180 languages to Searchable PDF and structured data for immediate access to all documents and all data. Perform “google searching” within any document for any data point.


PROBLEM: Critical useful data may already exist but can’t be reached, interpreted, visualized or correlated for appropriate decision making.

SOLUTION: We provide out-of-box tools such as Timeline PI for immediate big data and structured data analysis with 30+ pre-configured visualization and correlation models.

This is a global problem and we are in this crisis together. We would like to do our community contribution and provide potentially critically, vital assistance. We want to assist in automation of data gathering to generate appropriate knowledge, so the experts can analyze and conquer this crisis. We are ready to provide free immediate services to organizations at the forefront of this battle as much as our capacity allows.

Please contact us with details and we’ll review jointly what we can do for you and assist as much as we can. We are all in this together.