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Most companies dealing with leasing and credit products need special software to speed up and rise to a new level the quality of bank statements processing. Scanning bank statements using the special WiseSTATEMENT plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture is an optimal solution in this situation.

Special software for bank statement processing is an indispensable assistant for many companies. The necessity to use it is that the manual processing of each document is accompanied by numerous difficulties:

  • long processing time;
  • the necessity to engage a great number of employees, while they are capable of performing more important tasks;
  • the human factor that can cause errors in the processing of information.

Bank statement software is an optimal solution, as it can handle various bank statement formats and complex table structures. You can enter data quickly with the help of this program, avoiding probable mistakes, which allows you to service customers more accurately and expertly. Automated treatment of document processing reduces the time and employees needed to manually process each piece of paper, effectively reallocating staff and increasing accuracy.


ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseSTATEMENT

Almost every employee who works with bank statements is well aware of the situation when you need to process a large amount of documentation. Everything has to be done manually. Difficulties arise not only during processing but also in the future with the search for the docs you need. Use bank statement software to simplify the work of employees. It will also help distribute all the docs through the right channels.

Bank statement extraction software is one of the most essential tools for companies that deal with large amounts of documentation. WiseSTATEMENT is a special program the main task of which is to scan bank statements. It is a plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture. The latter is an enterprise state-of-the-art software to perform intelligent document processing (IDP). Behind the creation of this tool is a leading provider of AI and optical character recognition technologies.

With the help of this solution, the work of identifying bank statements and entering data into the database will be much faster and more accurate.

How it works

bank statement scanning software

When it comes to automated processing of bank statements the WiseSTATEMENT plugin is the answer to many problems. The software provides comprehensive processing of OCR bank statements: classify bank statements, make multi-channel imports, verify received data, export to a database, Sharepoint, RPA, ERP, etc.

  • Bank statement automation has some positive features, which include:
  • You can use the program locally or in the cloud;
  • The software has intuitive HTML5 applications as well as desktop tools for document scanning and verification;
  • WiseSTATEMENT converts scanned data from statements into classic formats (JSON, XML, CSV), and you can export directly to MS Sharepoint, FTP, RPA, or ODBC;
  • Custom export to a variety of ERPs is possible;
  • Company employees have a wide range of import channels to choose from: e-mail, scanner, FTP, web API, and other options, which simplifies the processing;
  • · The ability to customize the workflow according to the company’s operations and business needs.

You can easily integrate automatic scanning and information processing with the help of special software into the work of companies of any size. If you need to use this tool, you should rely on true professionals in this area and choose the best software for your business. It is the WiseSTATEMENT plugin as a part of ABBYY FlexiCapture corporate software.

Trial version

To help you take the processing of bank statements to the next level, we offer you a new solution for your business today. To get started with our software, try it out for free. WiseTREND bank statement processing OCR professionals are ready to give you a trial version today. This way, you can see for yourself how your work can improve.

Contact us via the feedback form on our website to get your free trial plugin. You should fill it out specifying all the required data, types of documents, amount of bank statements to be processed, and your contact details. We will soon contact you and offer the best software option based on the needs and features of your business.

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