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WiseSTATEMENT for FlexiCapture

Use our proven products to extract information from your bank statements
and other related documents to increase overall efficiency



Higher Business Efficiency

Financial organizations look for innovative ways to attract customers and new business, serve existing clients more effectively, reduce costs, increase profits, prevent fraud, and meet regulatory compliance issues.

These goals can be achieved by using ABBYY solutions (AS) to replace paper with digital documents that are easily searched, accessed, managed, and processed.

Help ensure regulatory compliance, save money and protect an institution’s reputation with the power to trace data, assign data confidentiality levels based on meaning, complete full audits, and detect and prevent fraud.

Key Functionality

Financial institutions can automatically capture data, classify documents and extract information from bank statements and related documents.

Organizations can reduce expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive manual data entry and increase productivity, freeing staff to focus on more important activities.