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How the Service Bureau works

The process is simple. When it comes to extracting data from images or converting paper documents to searchable PDFs, you have several choices:

1. You can buy equipment to perform automatic scanning of documents, as well as the necessary software for the Abbyy Flexicapure system. Our experts will help you customize the software and the verifiers to remove the language barrier and make the data processing more efficient. It will help achieve 100% accuracy of document processing and detection of invalid data and mistakes.

2. You purchase only the software and connect to the Abbyy Flexicapture cloud system, which already has all the features you need. To perform OCR, all you have to do is upload a document or image and check it for errors. The program will do everything automatically and underline inaccurate data. Recognition is done in all languages. Use a scanner to upload your document to the web.

3.   You send the images or documents to our Service Bureau and we send you back the results. No hardware or software to purchase, no team to train and no layouts to build. We take the burden of implementing a new system and learning a new solution out of the equation.

Our highly qualified team does everything behind the scenes and lets you focus on running and growing your business

Thanks to our qualified specialists, the provided software allows your business to solve tasks quickly and automate the whole work process. What a request looks like:

1. A brief request for the file you wish to convert. For example, for an invoice, we use capturing documents with scanning and processing locally to ensure the document is accurately processed. Learn more about how the software works from our specialists.survey.

2. Abbyy Flexicapture options allow you to set up folders for automatic retrieval of the necessary information and verification of the data into the required format.

3. Our team tests the system for proper operation after installation. It is necessary to properly configure the software to make it work efficiently.

4. Set the SLA algorithm so that the document scanning and processing are successful.

5. Send us the necessary files, and we will do the rest in terms of configuring the acceptance and processing of document formats. You do not have a scanner? No problem, take a picture of your document and upload it. Our system will convert it into the format you need.

Advantages of our company

Applying to us, you get a modern software, which can improve the efficiency of your business. Our customers get a system without viruses, capable of self-learning by algorithms. The program does not conflict with other applications and does not cause system freezes.

Our team is serious about its work and provides round-the-clock support. We always offer our customers trial versions so that they can evaluate the software’s capabilities.

After purchasing the system, updates are free, and new functions and features are discovered. Thanks to constantly releasing algorithms, the system is modified, which gives the ability to quickly process large amounts of information.

Conducting extracting data from images, the program can distinguish any language and improve the text and picture. The system also immediately recognizes errors, highlighting them.

The advantages of using the system include:

  • Exporting and importing data from any source.
  • Digital processing of documents.
  • Configuration of administrator rights for each user.
  • Increased efficiency of the work process in the enterprise.
  • Reducing labor costs connected with paper documents processing.
  • Opportunity to improve the quality of text and images.
  • Document checking for errors.
  • Fast receiving of all necessary information from any document entered into the database.
  • Ability to use the program in the cloud and on the server.

Due to the simple menu, the user can easily adjust the software to his requirements. The system can be used in all spheres of activity, including logistics, customs, food, and trade industry.

Documents can be uploaded to the system through any channels without classification, and afterward, the information can be sorted by request. For example, by phone number, company name, dates, etc.

Our company’s goal is to speed up the production efficiency of companies and facilitate the work of the accounting department. We guarantee the security of our systems. To communicate with our experts, there is a chat room on the website, where you can ask any questions about the purchase and functions of the software around the clock.

If you require extracting data from images PDF we have the necessary software to speed up the process. We can also design and customize a system to meet your business needs.

You need an intelligent form created? No problem, we have many templates already created and are ready to go, here are some examples. We can also create a new form to fit your business needs.

Health Claims Processing

  • Physician Screening Forms
  • Lab Results
  • Alcohol and Drug Related surveys
  • HIPAA Authorizations
  • GINA Authorizations
  • Well-Being Assessments
  • Medical Claims
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • EOBs


  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contracts
  • PayStubs


  • Vehicle Registrations (every state)
  • Vehicle Leases
  • After-Market Invoices
  • Parts and service orders
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Pay Off Quotes
  • Priced Order Confirmation


  • Passports
  • Passport applications
  • Census Questionnaires
  • COVID related forms
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Military Leave and Earning Statements
  • Department of Defense Retirement Account Statements
  • VA Disability Letters
  • DD214 Forms
  • IRS forms
  • Secretary of State

Real Estate

  • Mortgage Documents
  • NAR Membership Cards
  • Inspection Reports


  • Scoring Tests from Kindergarten to College
  • Parent Surveys
  • Staff Surveys
  • Student Surveys
  • ASES and After School Check-out Logs


  • Commercial Coverage Applications
  • General Coverage Applications
  • Non-Profit Coverage Applications


We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results for our clients. Contact us for a no-strings-attached, free evaluation.