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How it Works

Our highly qualified team can manage your entire project for you, letting you focus on what you do best.

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Form Design And Documents Processing

We can design and implement a simple or complex solution that will increase.

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Outsourced Data Verification

We provide this service for companies with their own in-house software.

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Backfile Conversions

Many companies are looking to digitize historical documents/files in order to be more efficient.

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What are automated project management tools?

Our automated project management tools refer to the methodology and implementation of software into a system to automate a business. Often this term is interpreted narrowly, implying the installation of a single program, but it is not true. In general, the proposed software is a whole system, which allows you to fully control the process of work at the software level.

Our automated project management service allows you to solve a range of tasks, which allows you to reduce labor costs and prevent human errors. In the process of using the system, language limitations are removed.

Our software helps:

  • Carry out OCR of texts.
  • Export data into any format.
  • Automatically collect information and classify it.
  • Setup administrative rights for each user.
  • Conduct automatic scanning of documents.
  • Handle all channels: scanner, ports, email.

The program also digitization of old documents with the improvement of text quality. The system is based on artificial intelligence, so it is easy to learn thanks to embedded modules, which are chosen exclusively for the company’s sphere of activity.

Who needs automated project management software?

It is safe to say that automated project management software is indispensable for every company dealing with large volumes of information. It can be used in various spheres of activity:

  • Customs services.
  • Food industry.
  • Agriculture.
  • Trade.
  • Logistics.

 Program functions are customized exclusively to the company’s requirements. Thanks to the ability to analyze data automated project management information system allow you to quickly find and correct errors in documents.

By collecting and analyzing data, the program informs the user about the start and end dates of the project, helping to get the work done quickly and on time. To learn more about what automated project management software is you can contact our technical support at your convenience. We also provide a free trial of the system. If you want to buy the system, please contact our managers, who will not only help you to make an order but also to install the software.