WiseINSURANCE – Insurance forms processing automation 

Insurance forms processing automation powered by ABBYY AI- and Data Capture technologies!

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Insurance companies process an immense number of documents every day, which requires a lot of human resources. Errors may occur due to fatigue and inattention in this background. The automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin will help to avoid this. The plugin was designed specifically for ABBYY FlexiCapture, and it works well with other applications.

The automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin or OCR allows you to perform processing of insurance cards and forms, automating further processing. Information is entered into the system by a group of documents and then synchronized according to user-selected criteria.

There is no need to decipher received data manually now, the software will do everything for you. The operation by OCR plugin takes a few seconds, which speeds up the process, and it allows you to serve more customers. You will improve the efficiency of the operating system and bring the processing of insurance cards to a new professional level by installing OCR WiseINSURANCE plugin.


WiseINSURANCE – Insurance forms processing

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseINSURANCE

Developed OCR plugin for working with insurance cards acts as an add-on for ABBYY FlexiCapture software. It is an enterprise platform based on artificial intelligence, equipped with all the necessary functions for configuring automation of work with all the forms of insurance documents. ABBYY FlexiCapture is adapted for WiseINSURANCE implementation. So, after installing the automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin or OCR software, the user needs to customize it to the requirements of his company. Due to its broad functionality, WiseINSURANCE:

  • Processes and scans documents.
  • Allows administrative access to each user of the system.
  • The automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin or OCR software is constantly upgrading with specially developed algorithms.
  • Works with all external channels.

By using the OCR software, the information exchange is accelerated, the errors in the documents are checked, it is possible to analyze the data by selected criteria: phone number, address, cause of insurance event, etc.

Intelligent Document Processing 

insurance card ocr

How it works

The automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin or OCR software automates workflow, allowing you to process information from multiple sources. Among its features are:

  • Cleaning document forms and importing them from different channels such as scanner, email, as well as processing and exporting them into formats: CSV, XML, and JSON.
  • The automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin or OCR software can optically recognize card symbols and enter the information into the system for further processing.
  • The OCR plugin allows you to save data not only on disk but also in the cloud. Providing clear HTML5 application, scanner, and document validation.
  • Supports virtually all document formats used by insurance companies.
  • Performs direct export to MS Sharepoint, RPA, and ODBC.
  • Has an electronic card reader that converts the code into information.

By using automatic scanning, the OCR plugin simplifies work with documents and speeds up the process of document circulation, which allows for improving customer service. Thanks to the simple settings, the user can quickly understand the work of the software, adjusting it to his criteria.


Trial version

WiseINSURANCE OCR helps insurance form processing, running quickly and smoothly. It is a big plus in the work of insurance companies. The software improves labor efficiency by reducing labor costs. The purchase of the program should be encouraged by the wide functionality of the software, which can be expanded with the help of additional algorithms subject to the company’s requirements. Main functions of the automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin or OCR software include:

  • Work in the cloud.
  • Recognition of texts in different languages.
  • Checking the correctness of the data entered in the document.
  • Documents are grouped by format, purposes, and importance.
  • Working with Hot-Folder, WebAPI, and FTP channels.
  • Support of various formats.

We advise you to take advantage of the trial version to get acquainted with the system. After the trial period, you can buy the program or refuse to use it. By purchasing the WiseINSURANCE plugin, you will get a license key. All updates are free.

You no longer need to waste time on processing and proofreading documents. The automation of insurance forms with the WiseINSURANCE plugin or OCR software will do everything for you, giving the result in a couple of seconds. The data criteria are set in the menu at the touch of a button.

Contact us to order the OCR software in your preferred way. We provide round-the-clock customer support and help you customize the OCR plugin to your needs and your company’s business scope. We also conduct detailed free consultations, telling you about the capabilities of the intelligent software.

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WiseINSURANCE – insurance forms automation incl. insurance card OCR and Data Capture!
Felix Cl
Felix Cl
Very happy with WiseTREND and their customer service. Working with them was a truly positive experience. Really top notch on every level! And their expertise cannot be overstated. I truly recommend this company.
We have been working with WizeTREND for several years now and I can recommend them as a reliable partner. They helped us close several large automation projects. Kudos to the team!
Fiston Balumbu
Fiston Balumbu
I have been working with WiseTrend as a partner for a few years now. Ilya and his team are experts in what they do. They will continue to adapt as the market changes. Kudos to this team.
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Jesus Duenas
The team is phenomenal at what they do. They understand workflows and technology very well. They get things done.
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Artem Buniashyn
Excellent Work, customer service and quality of end product. The service provided is really personalized and they guide and advice you when your requests do not match your needs. Thanks for an excellent service and a great help!
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Andrew Goecke
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Yelena Lepina
WiseTrend is excellent. It is very easy to work with, energized team that care about what they do. Highly recommend!
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Peter Mu
Thank you!
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Andrei Lomov
I just realized that we are working together more than 10 years. WiseTREND has great experience in data analysis and processing area! Thank you!
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Pierre van der Westhuizen
A tremendous resource for document processing technologies with many purpose built solutions for the most common business forms encountered in many business verticals. Very easy to work with. Highly recommend!

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