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Documents both paper and electronic are still a significant driver of internal and external business processes for any organization. Sales, finance, accounting, legal, and HR functions heavily depend on documents. While processing documents is relatively easy for human workers, it is extremely hard for machines. However, the need to have humans reading and retyping information from documents reduces the efficiency of process automation and prevents achieving a dream of fully automated business operations.

WiseTREND Intelligent Document Processing Portal is a unique cloud-based technological hub for reading, understanding various types of documents, and extracting business-critical data. IDP Portal allows business and individual users as well as software developers to access and convert unstructured data from documents into a structured form suitable for automated processing.

Why Intelligent Document Processing Portal?

Powerful Technology 

Built on the most accurate ABBYY OCR and the most flexible data capture technology.

Easy Setup

Pretrained data capture AI models extract data from the most popular document types out of the box. 

Machine Learning

Self-learning capabilities enable ongoing training from human validation.

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Examples of common document types


Invoice processing for accounts payable automation 


Purchase order (PO) processing for order-to-cash automation


Standard and custom fixed forms (surveys, questionnaires)


Insurance ACORD forms (23, 25, 27, 28, 125, etc.) 

Tax Forms

US tax documents and IRS forms (W-2, W-4, 1040, 1099, etc.) 

What do our customers say…

“We have completely eliminated heads-down data entry. What may have taken five minutes of data entry before takes just a few seconds… and the accuracy of the data has improved as well.” 

Christine Faubert 

Training & Development Manager 

Kimco Staffing

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