The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for IRS Forms

An OCR Software Solution For Processing IRS Forms

The WiseIRS plugin for the ABBYY FlexiCapture is custom OCR software specifically designed to capture and process IRS forms. Complicated forms can be difficult to manually process and the risk of human error requires tedious double checking. WiseIRS accurately captures information and sends it to the proper channels in a fraction of the time it takes manual data entry staff. This added efficiency and accuracy is perfect for businesses that need to process high quantities of IRS forms.

With WiseIRS, forms are collected from various input points into one central location. Once the forms are scanned with the OCR software, data is checked for accuracy and entered into your system automatically. WiseIRS then sorts the data into its proper place and sends scanned documents to the appropriate channels within your business. This improved productivity will increase your ability to process IRS forms and help better serve your clients.

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseIRS

ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR software is a fast and efficient document scanning software. The WiseIRS plugin builds off this technology, and is designed specifically to help businesses that process IRS forms. There is no faster and more efficient document scanner for businesses looking to improve their form processing.

Who Benefits From WiseIRS Document Scanning?

For companies that process IRS forms, speed and accuracy are incredibly important. With WiseIRS, the data capturing and entry steps in the process are more accurate and take a fraction of the time that it takes to manually capture and enter the information. If your company is able to quickly and accurately process IRS forms, you will reduce your time spent on this task and be able to focus it in other areas.

Not only do companies that process IRS forms benefit, but the clients they serve benefit from WiseIRS as well. When your company is more accurate and processes forms more quickly, you are able to give your clients more value. Not only will you be able to process their forms faster, but you will have more time and resources dedicated to serving their other needs.

Improve your business model right now. If your company processes IRS forms, get the WiseIRS plugin from ABBYY FlexiCapture today.

Why WiseIRS Exists For Your Business

Our ABBYY FlexiCapture plugin, WiseIRS, exists to make the workflow of businesses that process IRS forms more efficient. Manual data capturing and transfers can cost you time and money, but the WiseIRS software takes care of both automatically. There is no need to worry about accuracy with this highly effective data capturing software, because it is more accurate than any manual data capture method.

WiseIRS is helping businesses speed up the capturing and transferring of data from IRS forms so that they can save time and money. This enables your company to use resources in a better way, and to better serve your clients. Find out how WiseIRS could work for your company by contacting us today.

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