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Manual tax forms processing can lead to high costs as it requires tedious double checking for prevention of human errors. WiseIRS, powered by innovative ABBYY AI- and data capture technologies, automates processing IRS forms like IRS 940, IRS 941, IRS 1040, etc. To process IRS forms, various input channels like Scanner, E-Mail, FTP, local or network folder, API, etc. can be used to collect forms for a central IRS data capture. Once forms are recognized (OCR), automatically separated and classified, captured IRS data gets validated for accuracy and exported for further processing into appropriate business channel within your organisation. IRS forms automation with WiseIRS allows businesses greatly reduce time and effort required for manual data entry operations.

IRS forms processing

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseIRS

ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR software is a fast and efficient document scanning software. The WiseIRS plugin builds off this technology, and is designed specifically to help businesses that process IRS forms. There is no faster and more efficient document scanner for businesses looking to improve their form processing.

Who benefits from the Tax forms processingwith WiseIRS?

IRS forms automation

WiseIRS is a turnkey solution for IRS forms automation, especially for businesses that process IRS forms in large quantities. For example: Some US government programs like PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) empowered the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide loans. To apply for a loan or loan forgiveness, the “Employers tax return” form (IRS 941) is required. SBA then forwards it to financial institutions to operate the loan request. Related paperwork, workload and costs for manual IRS forms processing are overwhelming and slow down credit decisions immensely. With WiseIRS, the IRS data capture is more accurate and takes a fraction of the time required for manual data entry, which elevates your operational efficiency for tax forms processing to a new level of excellence!

Key benefits of using WiseIRS for IRS forms automation

WiseIRS is a IRS forms processing plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture – enterprise Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Software from leading AI- and OCR technology vendor: ABBYY. The key benefits of using WiseIRS:

  • With WiseIRS it’s possible to process IRS forms on-prem and in the Cloud.
  • WiseIRS provides modern & easy-to-use Web and Desktop business applications for Scanning and Verification purposes
  • WiseIRS supports IRS forms processing for various form types, like IRS 940, IRS 941, IRS 1041 etc. and automatically separates & classifies documents, taking input from both electronics & paper forms
  • WiseIRS ootb. supports conversion of captured data into standard file formats (XML, CSV, JSON etc.) along with direct export to ODBC databases and creation of custom exports, which allows seamless integration with various IRS forms processing systems
  • Various import channels like E-Mail, Scanner, Hot-Folder, FTP, Web API etc. are available as integration endpoints
  • A full audit trail as well as productivity and performance reports are available to monitor IRS forms automation rates
  • WiseIRS can be easily extended for additional fields and its IRS forms processing workflow is fully customizable using standard FlexiCapture project administration and development tools

WiseTREND offers a free trial version and consulting services to guide Customers through the IRS forms automation and help with integrating IRS Data Capture into their business scenarios!

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