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Manual document processing IRS forms often causes errors because of the human factor. This method is expensive and requires mental and physical effort. It is not appropriate to work with large amounts of information. Our company offers unique OCR software for tax forms to automate the process. The system is developed based on artificial intelligence, it constantly learns due to specially developed algorithms.

By installing our software you can process IRS forms automatically. Input channels are used for this purpose:

  • Email.
  • Scanner.
  • Local networks.

Once the IRS forms are recognized, the software automatically separates and classifies them according to the keys selected in the settings. The document is checked for accuracy of entered data and can be exported through your company’s channels. Data capture tools will help you to reduce the time spent on document processing, which will increase your company’s productivity and reduce the load on your employees.

IRS forms processing

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseIRS

The universal ABBYY FlexiCapture platform is designed for processing document data from any source. It recognizes text and numbers and enhances pictures. The advantages of the software include:

– Reducing labor costs.

– Automation of the document flow process.

– Simplification of document classification and verification.

– Control over errors in reporting.

Management of information flow.

– Streamlining of employees’ work.

– Ability to train the software using an installed plugin.

The software allows control at all stages of work. Extended monitoring capabilities help you check report data, IRS forms and manage your documents. The program also optimizes the work of your employees and analyzes their activities, depending on the priority of the enterprise.

Due to the user-friendly interface, even a novice can set up the system by carefully studying the instructions. Technicians will carry out a free consultation to work with the software.

Our company installs electronic data capture systems and provides round-the-clock support for users. The platform is a success in all areas of production, as it simplifies the work with documentation, freeing up time for other important matters.

Who benefits from the Tax forms processingwith WiseIRS?

IRS forms automation

Government PPP systems give loans to small businesses. But they require quick tax form processing to determine the profitability of a business. The size of the loan depends on this figure. To apply for a loan or mortgage, you need automating IRS forms, the data is transmitted to a bank or other financial institution for approval.  Such actions require a lot of manual processing data, as every day there are a huge number of requests for loans from companies and individuals.

The process of applying for a loan is simplified by the fact that processing IRS forms are automatical and combined with all systems. This speeds up the decision to grant the loan. The operational efficiency of the processed data is taken to a new level, reaching the peak of perfection.

Key benefits of using WiseIRS for IRS forms automation

The WiseIRS plug-in is designed for the automated processing of IRS forms for the ABBYY FlexiCapture system. The software aims to perform intelligent IDP processing. It is used for corporate purposes, allowing you to quickly improve the productivity of the enterprise.

The advantages of the system include:

  • IRS forms in the cloud and locally.
  • Recognizes texts from the scanner, email, and other applications.
  • Verifies the correctness of completed data in documents.
  • Supports various forms and classifies documents according to the parameters set in the settings by software.
  • Automatically enters data.
  • Groups documents by importance, purpose, format, and more.
  • Supports electronic and paper formats that can be easily converted to electronic form.
  • Works with import channels: web API, FTP, Hot-Folder.
  • Converts documents into JSON, XML and CSV formats.

Exercises full log control and allows you to process tax forms automatically, speeding up labor productivity.

If you have doubts about purchasing the software, we offer a trial version of the system. After testing, you can choose not to use it or buy a license. When you enter the activation key, the software will be extended with more functions, which will be extended after each program update.

Are you still wasting time processing paper copies? Automate your work with our software, thereby improving the efficiency of your services and reducing labor costs.

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