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Proven OCR Software Offerings

Our team has developed OCR software products for specific industries and documents, allowing your organization to achieve results faster than ever before. Why start from scratch, we’ve already developed and implemented proven products in a wide range of business scenarios. Please click below to learn more about these products, or contact us today.


Extract information from your ACORD quickly with our time tested products that reduce manual entry efforts and mistakes.

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Banks, credit unions and AP departments can streamline check processing and data extraction with products.

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Health insurance companies benefit from our products that extract patent & care information from EOB forms to streamline data processing for medical care.

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Lending institutions can streamline their application and approval process with our advanced mortgage processing solution, closing more loans in record time.

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Avoid costly data entry errors by using our products to extract information from your bank statements and other related documents proven results.

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Automated data capture solutions for vehicle registration verification

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ABBYYFineReader Server

One of the greatest advantages of the ABBYY Recognition Server is the price advantage that you get from WiseTREND.

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Address fixer for FlexiCapture that verifies and corrects addresses to ensure legitimate information is being collected.

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Our medical claims processing provides a turn-key data capture process for HCFA-1500, CMS-1500 and UB-04 forms.

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Processing important tax information manually is tedious, our product streamlines the data extraction process with proven results.

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Our product will quickly and accurately extract essential purchase orders data in record time while eliminating manual errors.

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Quickly extract survey information from your forms in order to make educated business decisions with our automated and accurate extraction products.

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Classification & data capture platform for Driver Licenses, IDs

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ABBYY Timeline PI – Process Intelligence

We are obsessed with analyzing business processes.

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Perform full text OCR for your documents being stored in the cloud using services like DropBox, and other services.

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Reduces the cost of paying invoices and improve visibility with automated invoice processing and extraction solution.

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Server-based OCR software for automated document capture and PDF conversion, designed for high-volume, cost efficient batch processing.

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Powerful enterprise products for intelligent, accurate and highly scalable data capture and document processing solutions.

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If your transportation company needs to quickly extract data from bills of lading and shipping documents, our product can help you obtain the information you need.

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Automated data capture from various insurance cards and documents.

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DigitEYE Smart Desk Lamp & Document Scanner

DigitEYE – a modern compact eco-friendly desktop lamp with an integrated powerful, unobtrusive, camera-based document scanner.

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