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Your invoice automation software, powered by innovative AI and Data Capture technologies of ABBYY FlexiCapture

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Invoice scanning software

Data capture tools are very successful among companies doing business in different fields today. The software allows you to automate the process of document management, reducing labor costs. Our company offers WiseINVOICE, a system that will help you to issue invoices automatically and make the analysis of all created and received documents.

We use plugins to train the invoice scanning software, which allows you to increase production efficiency. Manual document processing due to human error often leads to errors, and extra checks, hindering fast transactions. Things will be different with WiseINVOICE. Thanks to the program’s advanced functionality, users will be able to:

  • Scan invoices, enhancing the image.
  • Extract and analyze the main fields of the invoice.
  • Set up vendor searches.
  • Perform integration with ERP data.
  • Make flexible checks of business performance.

It’s just a minimal list of capabilities of the system. Our company is involved in expanding the invoice scanner capabilities, adapting it to all kinds of activities. You will no longer need to stay at work to enter all data manually. OCR invoice processing recognizes the invoice and converts it into a text format with the possibility of correcting the data. Now you can pay with one click. The invoice scanner also checks for errors in the document.

ABBYY FlexiCapture & WiseINVOICE

Invoice scanning software specially developed for ABBYY FlexiCapture system completely adapted for business. Document processing is quick and precise. With the program, enterprises can fully automate invoice processing, including:

– Classification by vendor.

– Importing documents from different channels: scanner, email.

– Document export into formats ECM, RPA, BPM, ERP, CRM.

The OCR invoice processing is adapted to check the received data. Thanks to the program, it is possible to make an invoice selection by company, commodity, sum, the purpose of payment, and other parameters.

The system is capable of reducing labor costs by 50%. It quickly scans the document, reading all graphic signs: text, signature, seal, figures, e-mail, and document. It is convenient because you don’t have to enter customer data manually after choosing the correct format. The OCR invoice processing enters the information in the proper fields.



How it works

invoice scanner

ABBYY FlexiCapture system with WiseINVOICE plugin was developed specifically for automating the processing of invoices imported from various local sources (API, FTP, scanner, email). It collects them into a single database and groups them by enterprise, running user-defined recognition and scanning tasks. After processing the data, the program checks the information for accuracy and distributes it according to the criteria in the settings. Advantages of invoice scanner include:

  • Availability in the cloud and local version with the provision of easy-to-use modern desktop and web scanners, document verification applications.
  • Transformation and support of standard document formats (JSON, CSV, XML).
  • Accounts export to databases: ODBC, FTP, MS Sharepoint, and RPA.
  • Support for creating user exports using integration with MS Dynamics, SAP, and other ERP systems.
  • Support for import channels: Hot-Folder, web API, FTP, scanner, and email as outlets for document processing and integration.

Electronic data capture systems with WiseINVOICE can be easily expanded to collect data from different fields and types of invoices. For example, invoices by company, customer enterprise, and others. Processing is customizable with standard administration tools, and it is possible to develop FlexiCapture.



Trial version

To try the system out for yourself, we offer you the ability to download a trial version of the software. Get acquainted with its functions and possibilities, and automate your process right now. Our experts will do a free installation consultation and help you integrate WiseINVOICE into your business scenario.

We are sure that after testing the program you will want to purchase an activation key. It allows you to expand the system’s capabilities by installing plugins.

Upgrades are free for licensed users, and there is 24/7 professional support available. Our team does everything possible to make your business efficient by reducing labor costs.

Interested in our offer? Chat with us or place an order any other way you find convenient. Dive into a world of innovation and integration by automating your company’s document management process.

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