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Solutions for Healthcare

WiseTREND Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Making Healthcare More Efficient with

ABBYY FlexiCapture

Creating a world where people have access to healthcare is incredibly important work. When working in the administration of healthcare there is nothing more important than being accurate and having a fast paced workflow. Process forms manually is time consuming and leads to problems based on human error. WiseTREND’s document scanning software provides the healthcare industry with solutions to make document processing faster and more accurate.


Meet Compliance and Regulations

Store electronic health records for greater efficiency, eliminate lost files, and meet policies and regulations for record retention and compliance.

Reduce Operational and Health Care Costs

Eliminate the handling, shipping and storage of documents, and make service and financial information available quickly and easily. Capture documents from any source device such as fax, mobile, email, low-cost scanners, MFPs or high-volume document scanners in the back office or at remote locations.

Transfer to Electronic Health Records

Capture, validate and archive health information, permitting instant access to all relevant parties. Speed availability to documents and data, enabling clinical and administrative staff to access comprehensive medical records immediately.

The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugins You Need

Here are some of the solutions for those in the healthcare industry:


for processing and distributing information from insurance claims.


for properly processing Explanation of Benefits forms.

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