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WiseTREND Documents provide non-technical and technical references and documentation how ABBYY OCR & Data Capture technologies can be used effectively within variety of infrastructures for different business automation processes, including processing of medical claims (CMS-1500, UB-04, WiseHEALTHCARE, ClaimsCapture, EDI), accounting documents (Invoices, POs, shipping and tax forms), and many other solutions. 

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Purchase Order PO automated processing and data extraction using WiseTREND OCR data capture software

Quick demonstration of a Purchase Order (PO) automated processing and data extraction using WiseTREND OCR & data capture software package.

Purchase Order scanning, automatic classification and separation, data recognition and zonal extraction (OCR), character verification, rule validation, and export.

Invoice OCR, data capture and processing Invoices automatically, exceptions handling

In this video, we will demonstrate how the software helps to speed up processing even with exception handling or if missing data occurs. Our software allows to eliminate manual data entry to very minimum.

WiseTREND provides a wide range of document processing, data capture, and Optical Character Recognition tools for any paper-intensive environment.

El Dorado County Tax Forms – Automating Data Entry and Document Processing with WiseTREND OCR

A quick demonstration how a sample hand-written El Dorado County Quarterly Return Tax Form can be automatically processed, verified and validated through our form processing & data capture system, saving valuable time and costs.

Introduction to WiseTREND Advanced OCR & Data Capture

Looking for document scanning and process automation, Optical Character Recognition & Data Capture experts? Need customized software solutions to eliminate data entry? WiseTREND is the ideal source for you!

WiseTREND-ABBYY Recognition Server – an ultimate document conversion platform

See how WiseTREND-ABBYY Recognition Server automates document conversion and makes business documents easy to find.