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Paperless Office Productivity Consulting


Technical Support

With nearly 10 years in OCR and document conversion industry, we offer to quickly resolve complex system support issues, change requests, and in-field upgrades.

Have you had an Idea about your own product or solution?

Our Services

We offer lots of services.

Custom Development & Private Label

With nearly 10 years of experience in OCR and data capture integrations, an array of in-house developed out-of-box solutions, and real hands-on experience of processing millions of pages through our Services, WiseTrend experts are ideal candidates for making your custom development project a success.

Document Conversions Services & Outsourcing

WiseTrend offers the next generation document processing services utilizing our unique image conversion platform: flexible and efficient even for small projects, while powerful and scalable even for millions of pages projects. By combining the best of breed OCR engines and industry leading system integration expertise, we can now offer the highest accuracy processing at unbeatable prices without you spending a dime on software or maintenance.

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