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We are obsessed with analyzing business processes. We believe that only by understanding the myriad business processes that are the life’s blood of your organization can you truly achieve operational excellence. Our patent-pending Timeline Analysis analytics engine delivers these critical process intelligence insights automatically – any process, any complexity and any size.

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The Timeline platform enables companies to use all the data contained in the system. It helps create a visual model of the process and conduct analytics in real-time. Our company offers business management software based on artificial intelligence. With it, you can easily predict future results and speed up significant decisions in investment projects.


The platform serves for business workflow analysis. Its tools allow to visualize, forecast, estimate the received information, correctly build up business processes and increase their efficiency.


The tools are analyzing the digital footprint left by the actions of the user registered in the system. But Mining solutions are only used to build flowcharts. It is suitable for different processes with a fixation on learning the efficient path. The flowcharts act as an option to carry out particular schemes and data processing.

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Overview business process analysis software

Our business automation software for integrated enterprise management has the following key features:

  1. Analyzing archive data. Users can get the complete picture based on the previously entered information. The manager determines the best way to automate by getting a real picture of the business. It means that the administrator can see all the actions of an employee. He can find what operations he performed with the document data and date. Depending on the activities of the company, the information is processed according to established classifiers: email, purchase, sale, user login, phone, and so on.
  2. Tracking. Business analysis software allows you to track the work process in real-time, getting information about the user’s actions. The administrator can react in time if any mistakes.
  3. Forecasting. The system is developed based on artificial intelligence, and its training performs with the help of concrete algorithms. The program analyzes data and predicts further actions, which facilitates the process of creating business plans. The data entered into the database is used to process and output the information. The user chooses the data processing algorithm. For example, the system allows you to forecast sales by previous data and seasonality based on available data.
  4. Hypothesis building. You can make hypotheses and check their reliability, adapting them to reality by using business analysis software tools. For example, an enterprise plans to launch a new product within a month. The program, using bots, collects information and produces results on possible risks and the demand for the product. It allows you to determine how effective the project will be.

Our business software suite for enterprise management showed profitable results in practice. Customer feedback proves it. Also, our experts are always glad to help with system adjustment to corporate requirements and 24/7 provide technical support to our customers. We understand that business automation is an important process for efficiency, and we do our best to make it effective.

How it works

The data flows into ABBYY Timeline through OCR of documents using a scanner. ETL is responsible for loading data from different channels: scanner, email, CRM, and more. The peculiarity is that it is no need to create a separate database for storing information using business impact analysis software. The user will be able to import documents from any source and export information in any format, improving the quality of textual information.

ETL can also help identify duplicate entries, round off figures, add dates, and combine figures from different sources into a single document. The work is done in real-time, helping to get reliable data.

In essence, software for business analysis is a great platform for metrics: graphs, indicators, figures that are constantly updated. ABBYY Timeline is not a dashboard. You can use it all the time. Each user of the system can easily customize the construction of graphs for the positions of interest. For example, the dashboard shows only the data that have changed over the specified period. Our system helps you to know how they will change in the future.

Using the platform screen itself, you can do top-level analytics. Click on the interest indicator, and you can see the information on the graph and how the data changes for each attribute. events

For example, you can use the screen for insurance events. The user can track all the occurrences: when did the insured event occur, how much time since its recording, at what stage is the document processing, when were the payments. Also, business analysis software development will help to detect errors in the work process and eliminate them quickly. The software will show you the broken data if, at the first fixing, the screen shows that the application was closed, which means that the system received false information. Insurance companies know that the settlement lasts about a month, and if several years are indicated, you need to find the error.

Discovering & mapping

Your processes are everywhere and are typically connected and/or recorded in your IT systems. Using advanced algorithms, ABBYY Timeline extracts and reads the time stamps used to record specific events along your processes. The software then visually models these time stamps in such a way that you can instantly identify variations from the ideal process flow to find the root cause of a problem that may be costing your business money.  

Analysis & optimization

Develop an understanding of process performance based on the actual data. Consider every step completed by every person, and every machine involved in a process – ABBYY Timeline is a platform that can make sense of all that data, with the ability to automatically organize and visually display your entire process end-to-end. With this insight, it becomes easy to identify areas for process improvement – sometimes in places you weren’t even looking.  

Process monitoring & alerting

Identify inefficient variations and set rules for the process. Alert the right staff or automate remediation to ensure processes are functioning properly and eliminate bad processes before they happen with ongoing monitoring of protocols.  

Process prediction & forecasting

Predict the future process state. Combine process mining with machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve highly integrated and fully automated insights to forecast processes in their future state, and take action to ensure positive outcomes.


Our business data analysis software can be adapted for different spheres of activity. But most often, the software is used for analyzing currency rates and crypto. Among the features of the program can be highlighted:

  •  Automatic scanning, which allows getting information for analytics from different channels.
  • Convenient settings. Each user can quickly customize the program without the help of our specialists.
  •  It analyzes and makes forecasts in real-time, so you can make quick decisions and avoid human errors.
  • The program can be trained: it is enough to install the business plugin developed by our specialists.
  •  The system collects all data and classifies them according to selected parameters.
  •  It identifies duplicate tasks and facilitates the implementation of Task Mining.
  • It collects logs at each stage of the project and analyzes them. Even in the absence of a digital footprint, logs are collected.
  • Works with all types of processes, adapting to each division of companies.
  • Collects all user data and, after processing the information, determines the overall picture for the entire enterprise.
  • The screen is easy to scale by zooming in and out of the information. In this way, the user can better examine the data and make the right decision.

Business process analysis software is a modern system that has a user-friendly interface. It quickly processes information and makes predictions while remembering all the previously entered data. Also, you can do analytics from the data via the Internet. It is possible to work in the cloud. The software is fully compatible with other applications and provides full business automation.


Benefits business management software


By buying business intelligence and data analysis software from our company, you get a licensed system with subsequent updates, which will allow the company:

  • Keep track of market conditions.
  • Build charts.
  • View all stages of a project.
  • Increase the efficiency of work.
  • Control every department of the business.
  • Keep track of employees’ actions.
  • Gather data from all sources.

According to experts, it is the best business analysis software for company automation and mining. Before you buy the program, we offer you to take advantage of a trial version equipped with all the features for free. We are sure you will want to buy the business program after the trial period. You will see the result from the first day of its work.

Automation is inevitable these days. And the sooner you install business performance analysis software, the sooner you will increase the power and efficiency of your business.

Already today, people actively use navigators for travel. They do not want to use old paper maps. With a navigator, they can orientate themselves faster and reach their destination, avoiding traffic jams. And so it is here. Analyzing the situation with complex calculations on paper or in old programs requires a lot of accuracy and concentration. As a result, a person is inclined to make unforgivable mistakes because of fatigue, which is sometimes difficult to correct. An intelligent system comes to the rescue. It doesn’t get tiring, it doesn’t make mistakes, and it is constantly learning. There is no perfection. With the business platform, you can get the most accurate calculations for years to come. And you can adjust the data depending on the situation and consider different project options. It is Timeline PI that will provide useful insights.

NelsonHall predicts that over the next few years PI-based platforms will become popular among businesses. As they will allow for faster transactions, more profits, and no miscalculations. That’s why it’s important to automate your business as quickly as possible today. Because due to demand, the cost of the system will only increase over time. Make plans with us by using Timeline PI.


  • Rapidly reveal how every occurrence of every process is executed, including even the most ad-hoc, variable workflows.
  • Simply and quickly pinpoint the root cause of non-compliant, unusual, or high-cost processes.
  • Use early stage data to predict process outcomes and proactively plan or act.




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