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Our Service Bureau has over 20 years of experience in form design and intelligent data extraction. We focus on delivering outstanding results for our clients. We want to be a trusted partner, where our customer can participate in the development of the project from beginning to end to ultimately achieve your business goals. We help you design and implement simple to complex solutions that can help increase productivity and decrease cost. Whether you already own a Data Capture solution and need help in deploying a project, or you do not have any software and just have a need to capture some data, we have the solution for you. Our team has the skills necessary to meet any challenge that you may have and quickly deploy and complete a project in a timely manner.

Forms and Documents Processing

Our highly qualified team can manage your entire project, send us the completed documents and our team will handle the rest. We will scan,
extract, validate the data and deliver clean digital content back to you in the type of file of your preference i.e. excel, CSV, PGP etc. We also offer
permanent destruction services.
Example Forms:
• Surveys
• Registration Cards Questionnaires
• Assessments
• Invoices Purchase Orders
• BOLs
• Medical Claims
• EOBs

Form Design and Management

We offer a variety of form design services to satisfy your company needs. Some common tasks include:
• Creation of custom-branded machine-readable forms with your own logo, corporate colors, version and modification control.
• Creating custom-branded Web Portals for easier online form distribution.
• Creation of custom reports for your business needs.

Outsourced Data Verification

We provide this service for companies with their own in-house software, or companies with cloud-based accounts where automatic processing
needs to be supplemented with human-driven verification, validation and auditing. Our team is setup to seamlessly complete your process by
enhancing it with the “human” resources frequently missing or bottle necking in-house production.

Overflow Volume

As an alternative to Outsourced Data Verification we are also equipped to manage “as-needed” resources to take on your unexpected volume increases i.e. recurring peak volumes, staffing variances, production gaps, processing license shortages, seasonal staff overhead and cases where you may want to hand off some or all your pending projects to our highly qualified team. We customize the projects and processing of these with your own business rules and requirements to meet your needs including your service level agreement.

Many companies are looking to digitize historical documents/files in order to be more efficient, reduce office space while being compliant. Our highly skilled team is a perfect fit for these types of one-time projects. We can provide onsite or offsite management, handling, scanning and processing to digitize your document/file library quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Pre-Packaged Business Solutions

Save time and money, don’t “re-invent the wheel”. We offer a variety of common pre-designed forms and documents backed up by pre-configured projects. Don’t design another registration card or a health assessment survey, it is already done. Use our templates and projects instead. We’ll customize our templates with your logo, colors, data fields and any other special requirements you may have. You benefit from existing materials and proven techniques that have already worked for others.

Industry-Specific Documents

Our Service Bureau has over 20 years of experience in intelligent data extraction. We focus on delivering outstanding results for our clients and have experience with all types of industry-specific documents.

The data from various documents, is processed and entered directly into your system or delivered as a normalized data file that can easily be ingested into your system, in the preferred file type.

We have experience processing many industry-specific documents. Below is the list of document we have processed.

FinancialHealthcareMortgageInsuranceIDGovernmentTransportationEducationBack Office
Purchase Order
Bank Statement
Payment Stub
Well-Being Assessments
Physician Forms
HIPAA Authorization 
GINA Authorization
Real-Age Test
Bio-Metric Screenings
Patient Care Reports
Trailing Documents 
Acord Forms
Trans. Certs.
Coverage Applications
USA Driver Licenses
Mexico ID
Company Badges
Birth Certificates
Military ID
IRS Tax Forms
Immigration Forms
Border Patrol Forms
Wildlife Imports
Law Enforcement Reports
Law Enforcement Tickets
Military Documentation
Shipping Labels
Driver Logs
Inspection Logs
Shift Logs
Vehicle Registrations
Incentive Rebates
Fraud Detection
Bonus Program Auditing
After-Market Invoices
VIN Validations
Teacher Assessments
Student Assessments
School District Forms
Parent Surveys
In/Out Logs
Annual Assessment
Corrective Actions
Family Leave Documents 
Backfile Conversions
Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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