ABBYY Vantage

Provides A Platform To Process And Analyze Cognitive Skills For The Modern Digital Enterprise.

What is ABBYY Vantage?

ABBYY Vantage is a comprehensive platform of cognitive services that applies AI to understand your documents in a fast and simple way. Vantage makes today’s digital worker and processes smarter by delivering cognitive skills that read, understand, and extract insights from documents, helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation.

ABBYY Vantage is a cognitive automation services platform that applies artificial intelligence technology in order to extract data from documents. This new, comprehensive platform uses “skills” in order to provide a no code approach to enterprises desiring to use AI and machine learning technology without having to become experts in them.

  • Vantage is very easy to use. It’s a no code / low code application which does not require computer programming or machine learning expertise. Vantage relies upon “citizen developers” who are business experts in order to train the skills.
  • Vantage is the next level of intelligence built upon industry leading FlexiCapture with machine learning that requires no templates or layouts while continuously learning the documents.
  • Vantage provides modern architecture. Cloud native with REST API built around micro-services and containers with ready to use integration with many RPA platforms including Blue Prism, UIPath and Alteryx.
  • Vantage leverages the ABBYY Digital Marketplace for accessing ready to use pre-trained skills and other technology assets.

Vantage Architecture

ABBYY FlexiCapture software

Getting Started with Vantage:


Vantage Pricing

How Vantage Pricing Works:

Vantage is available either as a cloud native, hosted application or it can also be deployed on-premise using Docker/Kubernetes. We will explain the pricing to you in detail after you fill out the request form. The pricing is dependent upon which skills you purchase as well as the number of pages per time period:

Core Cognitive Skills:

Core cognitive skills include OCR, document classification, data extraction, learning and verification review.

Pre-trained Document Skills:

Pre-trained skills are fully trained and ready to use for classification and extraction of data such as receipts, invoices, and purchase orders.

Test Systems and other Add-Ons:

A free testing license is included for systems licensed for a lower annual page count and for a nominal fee for larger systems. Other add-ons include various ready to run RPA connectors including Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Alteryx, and UiPath.

ABBYY Marketplace

The ABBYY Marketplace provides a rich collection of cognitive skills, connectors, and other technology assets, which enhance the ABBYY Vantage platform and accelerate your digital transformation initiatives. Find the skills that match your business today.

Selected use cases

The easy-to-use, no-code Vantage platform can be utilized to set up and train Document, Classification, and Process skills for just about any document type and flow.

Procure to pay & order to cash

Utilize trained Vantage finance skills for invoices, purchase orders, and receipts to fully automate the extraction of financial data and integrate into finance processes.

Transportation & logistics

Digitize and automate the shipping documentation process for a variety of documents such as shipping instructions, waybills, receipts, and orders to expedite freight flow through forwarders, carriers, and customs clearance.

Loan processing

Empower your digital workforce with the necessary cognitive skills to understand and process the diverse set of banking documents associated with lending.

Insurance claims processing

Build a new set of digital workers to augment your insurance claim process, eliminate human error, and speed up the processing and handling of insurance claims.

AbbyyFlexicapture schema

What is Forms Processing?

Forms processing is a process whereby information entered into data fields is converted into electronic form. Automated form processing software interprets machine-print (OCR), isolated handprint (ICR), mark sense (OMR) and barcodes from paper forms.

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The development of ABBYY data capture products started in 1995. At that time the team was working on two projects: the development of hand-written form recognition and ABBYY FlexiCapture technology – which enables data extraction from documents with flexible layouts.


Forms Processing with ABBYY Capture Software

Automates data extraction from paper forms (e.g. credit card applications, questionnaires, damage reports, etc.) to reduce manual processing costs.

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In the world of data processing, time is literally money. If you are interested in improving your process for data capture and processing, then the ABBYY Vantage software is the perfect tool for your business. With the flexibility and intuitiveness of this technology, your business will be running at top speed and efficiency. Contact us for a quote and more details today.

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