Scripting in ABBYY FlexiCapture 11

by Ilya Evdokimov | Aug 15, 2017 | ABBYY

Abbyy FlexiCapture scripting

There are several areas in FlexiCapture where API integration with external systems may be beneficial.

This interface provides scripting support in several languages:
Scripting in FlexiCapture 11

This interface provides dot-suggestions and basic debug/check tools.  Code can be also debugged using external Visual Studio during testing runtime.
ABBYY WiseTREND OCR ICR FlexiCapture API IntelliSense dot suggestions

  1. Data Sets (used only for Invoice processing).  Data Sets are stored in FlexiCapture 11 internal SimpleDB structures which can be automatically updated from external sources.  There are two update methods – ODBC connection on dedicated servers, or Script useful for cloud systems and API connections.  (To see API reference, please search the attached Help file for “iDataSetRecord”).
    Data Sets FlexiCapture 11
  2. Auto-correct scripts. (Optional feature)  These are small scripts that act on a single field and perform some automatic validation or fix.  Sometimes these scripts are used to access external resources (DB, API) for some in-field data checking.
    FlexiCapture 11 auto-correction script
  3. Script rules. A more powerful alternative to #2 above, because script rules can involve and act on multiple fields.  A common example is to use two or more fields to look up a record in an external system and possibly bring in additional data from an external system back into FlexiCapture.
    FlexiCapture 11 script rule
  4. Export scripts. These scripts are used to take processed data and images and write them to external systems.
    ABBYY WiseTREND OCR ICR FlexiCapture API export script

A cross-linked help file that describes various scripting options and includes many code samples is available upon request.  Please contact
ABBYY WiseTREND OCR ICR FlexiCapture API help file scripting