WiseMortgage Delivers Results for Modern Lenders

by Ilya Evdokimov | Apr 04, 2018 | Blog

WiseMortgage Delivers Results for Modern Lenders

The mortgage industry today has a bottleneck when it comes to extracting key data, as most if the key data they need to process loans is trapped within paper intensive paper documents.

In the past, the only option was to either implement complicated mortgage scanning software packages with an extended implementation and testing period, or increase their physical staff by simply hiring more workers.

In fact, mortgage data processing solutions available today that consider themselves to be advanced, still need extended installation and testing timelines that can range three to six months.

Improving Results With The Right Solutions

Mortgage companies are actively looking to improve their bottom line without wasting valuable time and long implementation periods.

The good news is that WiseTrend has been hard at work to deliver these types of solutions to the financial market. This is accomplished by using the worlds most accurate, out-of-the-box data capture and OCR solution and the engine that drives results.

Not only are the data extraction rules preconfigured, the solutions can be implemented in under two weeks in order to deliver efficiency faster than ever before.

Mortgage companies and banks implement these types of mortgage data processing solutions for one reason…cost savings. These business strategies involve looking for ways to process loans faster and more accurately, but also allow their bank to fund more loans without the burden of hiring and training more staff.

This helps them meet and exceed goals and stay ahead of the competition, especially in todays lending market.

Speed And Accuracy Are Keys To Success

companies use advanced capture solutions from WiseTrendIn the time that most mortgage scanning applications have even begun the testing phase, WiseMORTGAGE from WiseTrend can be in full production mode and delivering accurate loan application data into your loan origination system.

Stop struggling with custom code and endless testing, our team can share a pre-configured solution that automatically extracts the data you need in under two weeks.

If you would like to learn more about our mortgage scanning and data extraction solution, please contact us to learn more about the WiseMORTGAGE advantages and to see it in action for yourself.